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Welcome Anne-Victoire! Also known as Miss Vicky!

Born into a Beaujolais winemaking family, Anne-Victoire was was first known as a wine blogger. Today she writes in French on a national magazine online platform that hosts her wine blog. They wanted someone to give a fresh twist to the French wine world. They got Miss Vicky!

In France she's known as an expert in wine and social media and consumers find her brand image entertaining. They are cool, and like her, they drink wine. Every three months, Anne-Victoire organizes Vinocamps : wine and web events aimed at fostering innovation and synergies in the wine industry!

Born in Paris, the family moved to Fleurie in 2005 to take over the family vineyard. She was always part of the vineyard, spending most holidays… and now, every day is a holiday that she spends there. 

Wines that are not from her family vineyards are selected on vineyards tours, brought back to Paris and blind tasted by a group of wine bloggers and wine buyers. That’s what you got in your glass today.


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